SSL & Internet Security: Crucial Components For the E-commerceLandscape

SSL Lock Symbol

Keep Your Info Private!

Internet security, SSL certificates and secure sites are a reoccurring feature on the Net. Over the years, data volume has astronomically increased. Today, people can now store and use their personal and financial details on the Internet. This is a gift and a curse. It is a gift because the Internet has seamlessly fitted with the way we live our lives by making it more convenient. On the other hand, it is a curse because it now exposes us to hackers, personal identity thieves and cyber terrorists.

When people send data across the Internet, it is crucial that they enjoy high levels of protection. This is the essence of SSL security. It helps protect the information that transverses the World Wide Web. This system incorporates network services between clients and servers ensuring that sensitive information is not compromised.

This is a big deal for the e-commerce business environment that needs to assure their customers that it is safe to share sensitive information over the Internet. SSL certificates, if so configured, can protect over 100 sub-domain names or a singular host name on a single net server. Secure SSL certificate security enables webmasters and customers to conduct their businesses with peace of mind.  

A secure website relies on encryption to protect the privacy of Internet oriented transactions.  When you try to conduct transactions on a site using SSL, your web browser asks the server to verify itself and endorse the site you are trying to check out. On the other hand, cryptography confirms that an accredited certificate authority has been registered. Starfield Technologies, Thawte and VeriSign are some of the  popular certificate authorities you may have seen in routine browsing of your favorite shopping sites.

In addition, SSL helps to authorize single computers. It also assists in encrypting all the sensitive information that you send. This helps to protect your details from being stolen or pinched by the baddies lurking around in cyber space. This is important if you make purchases online and give out your personal details on the Net.

You also need to be careful of the proliferation of phishing sites. These sites are set up to defraud you of your personal details. You might think you are making a legitimate purchase. However, that site could just have been created to steal your information alongside 1000’s of other unsuspecting virtual visitors.

 One of the best ways to easily detect if a site is secure or not is to look at the address bar, a secure site starts with https. Another way is to look for a padlock in the bottom portion of the site. The padlock indicates that the site has an accredited SSL certificate. To be extra sure, double click on the padlock icon. This will give you details about the certificate issuer that is encrypting your transaction. While the vast majority of websites are legitimate, you can’t be too careful when conducting transactions in a virtual world.

SSL Certificates are also reasonably inexpensive when you consider their value to both the website owner and potential visitors to their sites. Many reputable services offer this invaluable tool for about $2 a month like Dominus Web Solutions.


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